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AeroCORE LLC Exchange Agreement

AeroCORE Exchange Agreement

This agreement between AeroCORE and the buyer will serve as a blanket exchange agreement covering exchange transactions conducted through AeroCORE. Unless a different agreement is required, as in cases where special conditions exist beyond this agreement, this will serve as the governing agreement for all exchanges between the customer and AeroCORE and shall remain in effect indefinitely unless it is superseded by another agreement or rescinded by AeroCORE. If it becomes necessary to change this agreement or the offering of AeroCORE, written notification shall be given to the customer. In relation to material exchanges between AeroCORE and the customer, this agreement supersedes all previous agreements and the execution of an exchange transaction through the website AeroCORE indicates acceptance of it by the customer and renders all previous agreements null and void.


The customer will be charged an exchange price as quoted by AeroCORE for each exchange transaction. The customer will also be advised of and billed a core charge during the exchange sale. This core charge represents the amount the core is valued. The core charge will be refunded to the customer up to 30 days after receipt and acceptance of the return core at AeroCORE or one of its resellers. The exchange price is based on flat rate with no additional billing, unless necessitated by the condition of the core. This policy is based on the return of a repairable core of the same model, manufacturer and part number as the unit purchased through AeroCORE. Cores returned may be found to be Beyond Economical Repair (BER) and will not be eligible for core refund.

Core Conditions

AeroCORE defines a repairable core as a unit that is in the condition as removed from an aircraft, a unit that is not incident related (i.e. no fire or water damage) and a unit that can be economically repaired. If the cost to repair the core exceeds 75% of the flat rate charge, the unit may be deemed to be beyond economical repair. Furthermore, AeroCORE will not accept the following:

  • Cores that have been heavily modified or extensively and unproductively worked on.
  • Cores with missing, modified or illegible data plates.
  • Cores that arrive disassembled.

All cores should be returned to AeroCORE or one of its resellers by filling out the appropriate information as requested in AeroCORE orders page and printing a return packing list and shipping label.

Return cores are to be returned to AeroCORE or one of its resellers within 30 days of the original sale. Units not returned within 30 days may, at the discretion of AeroCORE, be subject to an additional charge or the core return may be refused altogether. 

If no core is returned after 30 days of the original sales date, it will be assumed that no core will be sent.

Exchange Agreement - Electronic Signature

I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature; by proceeding with the exchange transaction through AeroCORE the buyer acknowledges his acceptance of this agreement in its entirety.

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